Re: [gembud] gempak 6.6 build problem

That was the problem.  Thanks for pointing me to the fix.

On 04/30/2012 08:55 AM, daryl herzmann wrote:
Hi Mark,

Check out:


On Mon, 30 Apr 2012, Mark Tucker wrote:

I'm attempting to build gempak 6.6 on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04) but ran into a
problem.  I have  update the Gemenviron.profile file for my system only
changing the values for NAWIPS and GEMDATA.  After sourcing the file I run
"make all>&  make.out".  The process immediately stops and the only thing in
the make.out file is this one line:

"make: *** /software/gempak/GEMPAK6.6.0/config/: Is a directory.  Stop."

I fell like I'm having a dumb spell because I've probably built Gempak over
100 times but I'm not seeing why this is happing.  Any help would be

Mark Tucker
Systems Administrator
Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences
Lyndon State College

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