[gembud] Generating NEXRAD radar imagery with gpmap_gf

Does anyone generate a lot of individual NEXRAD level III products with 
gpmap_gf? I'm trying to generate real-time plots of NOQ Reflectivity and NOU 
Velocity from 30 radars in the midwest and its crashing my server after a few 
hours, even when I only run 3 plots at a time. I'm running GEMPAK6.4.0 on a 
RHEL 6 machine with 64 GB of memory. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong and if 
someone has a better way of doing this.

Greg Stossmeister
Head - Collaborative Tools and Metadata Group
NCAR/Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL)
Telephone: (303)497-8692  Facsimilie:(303)497-2044
e-mail: gstoss@xxxxxxxx
Mailing Address:          Shipping Address:
NCAR/EOL                    UCAR Foothills Lab 1
P.O. Box 3000               3450 Mitchell Ln
Boulder, CO 80307      Boulder, CO 80301

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