[gembud] GEMPAK Compile



I am trying to compile Gempak again. I've tried compiling it before and got
many headaches.. then use to have an RPM and I couldn't make it do what I
wanted.. so now I am trying to compile again, and trying an older version
(5.11.4) as there is something I am trying to do with it, where I got my map
white.. but it won't work in the newer Gempak for some reason.


Anyways.. my error for make all is:


Makefile:26: /Makeinc.common: No such file or directory

Make: *** No rule to make target `/Makeinc.common'. Stop.


I am doing it in /home/gempak and I've already sourced my Gemenviron


Why is this giving me heck? I've already created my NAWIPS with the symbolic
link and my NA_OS is showing linux