[gembud] dcgrib2 difficulties

Hi, all.

I'm attempting to convert the North American Regional Reanalysis grib2 data to GEMPAK format. The command I'm using is "dcgrib2 [outfile].gem < [infile].grb" where I've replaced the text in square braces with the actual file names. The program seems to run and I see output with no errors but the .gem file is empty when the process is finished. I have "ncepgrib131.tbl" and "wmogrib131.tbl" with the correct values for lines 33 and 34 (uwind, vwind respectively). Both .tbl files are located in the directory I'm issuing the command from "/mnt/models/narr", the location of my NARR data, and in "$NAWIPS/gempak/tables/grid". Is there a step I'm missing?

Many thanks,
Kevin Huyck.

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