[gembud] Configuring NMAP2 to view NARR data

Hello, all.

I'm pretty new to GEMPAK and having difficulty viewing North American Regional Renalysis data. To date, I've used dcgrib2 to convert a NARR .grb file to .gem, and followed step 1 for "Adding a Gridded Data Set to NMAP" at http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/gempak/tutorial/4.3_nmap.html#4.3.5. I edited $GEMTBL/config/datatype.tbl to add the following...

! North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) data
NARRA $MODELKLH/narr narr-a_221_YYYYMMDD_HH00_000.gem CAT_GRD SCAT_ANL -1 -1 -1 OFF/0/0 4 NARRB $MODELKLH/narr narr-b_221_YYYYMMDD_HH00_000.gem CAT_GRD SCAT_ANL -1 -1 -1 OFF/0/0 4
...where $MODELKLH points to a directory on a server where I'm storing archive data.

I am having some difficulty understanding step 2, adding newly defined grid alias to the list of models in desired restore file entries in $GEMTBL/nmap/mod_res.tbl. The example given is...

PRECIP_1hr    $NMAP_RESTORE/prcp/precip_1hr    3.precip    wseta

I do not know what these four entries mean or how to find that data in the NARR inventories like...

2:166602:D=2011062000:PRMSL:MSL:kpds=2,102,0:anl:winds in grid direction:"Pressure reduced to MSL [Pa].

What additions will I need to make to $GEMTBL/nmap/mod_res.tbl so NMAP2 can find the NARR data?

Many thanks,
Kevin L. Huyck.

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