Re: [gembud] GOES-15 imagery

I am running version 6.4.0 and also can display the GOES-15 data through NMAP2 
but can not zoom in. I am getting an error that there is no entry in the image 
table imgtbl.tbl for GOES-15. In checking the release notes, it looks like that 
table file was updated with 6.4.0. I downloaded a fresh copy just to make sure 
that nothing strange happened on our end and in checking the imgtbl file, there 
is no entry for GOES-15.

Matt Haworth
Application Development
ImpactWeather, Inc.
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You should notice the images beginning with 1930 UTC are full (1-1.5 Mb)
and display fine in NMAP2.


On 12/06/2011 11:09 AM, James Murakami wrote:
> Hi,
> Do I need to make changes to my pqact entry for the new GOES-15
> imagery? At present, the files I get are only a few kilobytes in
> size(images appear black on nmap2).
> Also, I'm unable to zoom in with gini images that use GOES-15
> data(WEST-CONUS for example). I've tried both GEMPAK6.2.0 and 6.4.0
> versions of nmap2. The zoom buttom accomplishes nothing(fine with gini
> images using only GOES-13 data). I've also noticed with
> composites(SUPER-NATIONAL images), zooming results in a mix of zoomed
> and unzoomed images(map background with zoomed image frames appear
> wrong). Are these problems just limited to me, or are there format
> changes that were unforeseen for  GEMPAK6.4.0?
> James

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