[gembud] Garp Segmentation fault with NIDS

I am aware that Garp is no longer being supported; however I thought I would 
throw this out there to see if the few remaining Garp users have seen this 
problem. Recently Garp has been crashing and giving a segmentation fault when 
selecting a NIDS radar site. When I select NIDS and then try and select a 
radar, Garp completely crashes. Everything was running smoothly a few days ago 
and with no changes here locally to any of the GEMPAK programs, I am stumped as 
to why this might be occurring. To the best of my knowledge I am not aware of 
any changes to the NIDS format that have taken place since Tuesday.

Best regards,

Matt Haworth
Application Development
ImpactWeather, Inc.
Your Weather Department

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