Re: [gembud] NCR & Storm attributes

Thanks Daryl ..
will give yours a try as well as the befuddled way i came
up with last night ..
PIPE each NCR to 'ucnids', then have it exec a php script to
dump to mysql ...

want to make separate overlays for POH/POSH , MESO/TVS, and tracking for
allow each to be user selectable

-Jeff Lake

On 11/9/2011 7:48 AM, Daryl Herzmann wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I've built a hacky process[1] that runs gpnids_vg for each NCR product
that comes in and then I harvest the text file output with another
hacky python scrpt [2] that dumps the data into my spatial PostGIS
database.  I then dump the attributes out each minute to a shapefile
you can grab here:

Not sure if any of this info helps, but may point you in the right direction.



On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Jeff Lake<admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
I haven't found it yet, it may not exist .
is there a way to use the individual NEXRAD3 NCR to create
a national storm attributes??
I tried the RCM
but it is kinda lacking (hail for one)
tried to have gdradr assemble the NCR's into one gem,
but they are not image files ..

any suggestions ??

-Jeff Lake

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