[gembud] .gif error driving me buggy

good afternoon,

I have an error that is driving me buggy not to mention to drink..
Just about every morning I get in my email alerts from one of my GEMPAK crons
that the images failed to create..
log into the server bring up 'top' and lo and behold here is a rouge 'gif' process running by user 'LDM' (default GEMPAK user & group) that according to the 'time+' has been chugging along for 819:36:44 (today's numbers, but it is something like this)
quit top, issue the famous '/bin/kill' to the process ..
and all goes back to normal...
I have been thru my GEMPAK scripts either 'exec'ed by LDM or on CRON's and all
have 'gpend' in them...

I'm at a loss ...

-Jeff Lake

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