[gembud] Erroneous Stations -- How to properly update tables

I've noticed that there are a few stations with similar identifiers that are 
causing problems with our plots (e.g. WHP -- in Los Angeles which is also Heath 
Point in Quebec)
The temperature of 102 stands out like a sore thumb on days like today.  

Aside from removing the entry in systns.tbl/sfmetar_sa.tbl is there anything I 
need to do to "refresh" the tables?  I seem to remember there was such a 
command, but can't seem to find it in my notes or in the mailing list 

Is there a way to update the station without simply deleting it?  The lat/lon 
looks good in all of the other tables for WHP (in Quebec)   

Thanks in advance for any guidance here... 

Phil Birnie

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