[gembud] GEMPAK 6.2.0 RHEL 6.0 64 bit NMAP2 wont plot sfc obs unless...

Hi.  Odd occurrence here which we have created a work-around for we 
thought we should share but were wondering if anyone else has experienced 
and overcome.  Pete

Symptom: NMAP2 not plotting sfc obs (no errors in the error box).  SFMAP 
plots obs just fine.  SFLIST list obs just fine.  NWX will list obs just 

Attempted Corrections (which did not work): Recompiled successfully. 
Removed old version from system, ensured no other nmap2 executable existed 
on the system, rebooted, pointed system to newly recompiled version. Made 
sure Gemenviron was correct for our system.  Symptoms persist. 

Workaround: cd to the location of the Gemenviron file, resource, then 
launch nmap2.  We have thus renamed the nmap2 exe to nmap2.orig and 
created a c-shell script in the $GEMEXE dir called nmap2 to perform these 
steps (cd $GEMPAK/..  source Gemenviron  os/linux64/bin/nmap2.orig "$1" 

Notable: We feel this has something to do with RHEL errata updates we 
accept and invoke since this began yesterday after we invoked an update. 
We thought a recompile would rectify the problem but it did not as the 
recompiled version exhibited the same symptoms.  The workaround also was 
effective for the recomplied version.

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