[gembud] Plotting NEXRAD3 Data

I realize I'm quite late to the party but we're running into some issues 
plotting NEXRAD3 data...

A few quick questions --

1)  I'm currently using GPNEXR2... I'm assuming this is the ideal program to 
use... I've tried gpmap2 as well.... 

2) Is it possible to adjust the color bar on the left (IMCBAR), specifically 
the ranges and number of decimal degrees after each value (e.g. I'd like the 
color bar to display 85 instead of 85.0). I looked in imgtyp.tbl and grepped 
for, say N1Q, and couldn't  find much. 

3) Also, (correct me if I'm wrong)... the VIL values seem several orders of 
magnitude off.  For example, when I plot a DVL file,  I'm getting values in the 
tens of thousands eg. 21444.3 kg/m-2.... in the color bar

Thanks for any help in steering me in the right direction.  

- Phil Birnie
Department of Geography
The Ohio State University

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