[gembud] WOU/GPC

Greetings Gembuds ...
Hoping to pick the brains of some of the authors.
I finally got an external set of scripts to use the GPC library to obtain the UNION points of the convective watches.
Yesterday while we had the watches active I was testing and
was getting an array of lat/lons like expected.
I was getting back in the order of 1,500 to 2,200 points
It would map out correctly,
I tested against the GEMPAK rendering by creating a VGF
then converting the VGF to ASCII..
the ASCII version had at a max 200 points ..
I peeked at the cgrpolyunion.f and seen where a 'max' number
of returned points can be set .. I don't see that in the GPC docs ??

Am I missing something ??
I figured using the same libraries would return the same results ..
but its not ..
any insight ??

Jeff Lake K8JSL

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