Re: [gembud] Nmap2 segmentation fault

Hi Brian,

Funny . .. I noticed the exact same thing today, and like you I had just recently updated my FC14 x64 system. So I think we have hit upon one of the updates as a likely culprit. I rebuilt my entire GEMPAK6.2.0 installation but the problem persists.


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On 04/07/2011 01:07 PM, Brian Bernard wrote:
I'm running Gempak on a Fedora 14 x64 system and I'm having problems with Nmap2. Whenever I click on Nmap2 from the NTL programs list or run nmap2 from the command line I immediately get a dialog box that says warning and Nmap2 then gives a segmentation fault. Running nmap2 with the gdb debugger reveals that there is a segmentation fault in "0x0000003665428f26 in XtIsManaged () from /usr/lib64/". Can someone please help me, as this is a problem that started only recently and I suspect a recent update from Fedora Updates is causing this.

I have enclosed a screen shot and text file containing the contents of the core dump.

Thank you,

Brian Bernard

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