[gembud] Fedora Installation Update

Hey guys!

Good news! I think my GEMPAK build went successful this time. I still got a 
couple make errors (so I might have a couple kinks I may have to sort out 
later), but I can load ntl, nmap2, and access all the GUI apps from the command 
line now.

These instructions helped some:

I had to edit my config/Makeinc.linux64_gfortran to source my openmotif 
installation, plus I also went ahead and did yum install netcdf and jasper 
(seems I didn't have those packages), after performing those, running a make 
distclean, then running make all and make install, everything seemed to work 
and I can load the GUI apps now!

So I believe I'm set, but if I run into future kinks I need sorting out, I'll 
holler back. For now, things seem to be working!


Nathan Parker

WeatherBug Backyard Support
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