Re: [gembud] Installing GEMPAK on Fedora

Hi Nathan,

First you should install the openmotif and openmotif-devel packages as directed in previous emails. This will ensure that any prerequisite packages for Motif are installed. Then remove the two packages with "rpm -e" as directed. Then, you should download and build openmotif in a similar manner to what you did for Mac OSX, with just a few differences for the linux platform:

OpenMotif >= 2.3.2 is incompatible with N-AWIPS' "nmap2" program
(as has been reported on GEMBUD, the program will build and run, but
many of the buttons will not appear).  So next we need to download
and install OpenMotif 2.3.1.

a. Obtain the tarball from Untar this in a directory of your choice. b. In the top level of OpenMotif 2.3.1-1, configure, build, and install: (type "configure", then "make all", and then, *as root*,"make install"). This should install the Openmotif libraries in /usr/lib. Then you'll need to move them into the /usr/lib64 directories, where the GEMPAK Makeinc.linux64_gfortran expects to find them:

 cd /usr/lib; mv libXm* libUil* X11 libMrm* ../lib64

Now, you should be able to run "make all". You don't need to run "make distclean" at this point. If the "make all" proceeds to completion without errors (aside from a couple non-fatal Error 1 messages), go ahead and run "make install" and the installation should be complete.


On 02/25/2011 01:01 AM, Nathan Parker wrote:
I think all your other prerequisites I was supposed to install went well. They 
all seemed to install correctly except the ones coming up showing already 

I'm beginning to think, I don't believe I built openmotif like I did back 
during the Mac OS X build. When you mention:

Then openmotif 2.3.1 build should work fine.
Then rpm -e openmotif and openmotif-devel, and move the 64-bit library
files that should go in /usr/lib64 but are in /usr/lib instead when make
install is run on openmotif-2.3.1:
   cd /usr/lib; mv libXm* libUil* X11 libMrm* ../lib64

What do I need to do to build openmotif 2.3.1? Then after I build it, then I 
run the rpm -e openmotif and rpm -e openmotif-devel?

After that, then I run this command? cd /usr/lib; mv libXm* libUil* X11 libMrm* 

Once that's done, since I've attempted to build GEMPAK before, do I need to run 
a make distclean before I attempt another make?

Just clearing up a couple things before I proceed. I believe I see what I've 
been doing wrong and almost there!

Thanks again!

Nathan Parker

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