Re: [gembud] Installing GEMPAK on Fedora

Install the "libXt-devel" package using yum, and that should take care of the missing X11 include files that I see in your make.out file.

Below also appear notes specific to my build of GEMPAK 6.2 on a Fedora 14 system:

Similar to Mac OS X build, one needs to "regress" version of OpenMotif to 2.3.1 or less. But to be sure you have the needed prerequisites when you build openmotif from a tarball, I recommend installing the current OpenMotif with yum, then remove it before you build 2.3.1.

In order to install openmotif from rpm, need to add a couple of repositories from rpmfusion:

yum localinstall --nogpgcheck

You should then be able to run "yum install openmotif" and "yum install openmotif-devel".

You should also install these packages:

Then openmotif 2.3.1 build should work fine.
Then rpm -e openmotif and openmotif-devel, and move the 64-bit library files that should go in /usr/lib64 but are in /usr/lib instead when make install is run on openmotif-2.3.1:
 cd /usr/lib; mv libXm* libUil* X11 libMrm* ../lib64

Hope this helps!


On 02/22/2011 11:59 PM, Nathan Parker wrote:
I think I'm getting there, but still having some compile issues.

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