[gembud] Creating and Filling User Defined Boundaries

Michael -- thanks.. this was the missing link!  So this goes into the 
searchable archives here is a step by step process on how to create your 
own boundary files

References: $GEMPAK/source/programs/util/vgftobnd/README.maptobnd (steps 4 
through 7) and the header of $GEMTBL/config/clo.tbl

1. In NMAP2 create and save a vgf file containing a boundary (contour) 
which needs to be closed and grouped with text in the format of 
boundary_name | <tagid>tag.  Example text could be 
2. Type vgftobnd test.vgf > test_bnd.tbl  (assuming your vgf file name was 
3. Type createbinfo test_bnd.tbl  > test_bnd.tbl.info (these file names 
can be anything but will need to end in .tbl and .info)
4. Copy the .tbl and .info files to $GEMTBL/bounds
5. Edit $GEMTBL/config/clo.tbl and add your .info file into the list. Read 
the comments at the beginning of the file for details of what to enter.


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See $GEMTBL/config/clo.tbl 

! This table specifies the alias name for GEMPAK station table and 
! info files used by the NMAP seek and locator functions.  Alias names 
! in this table are referenced in the table "$GEMTBL/nmap/locator.tbl".
! Note that both types of data sets can be used by the locator function,
! whereas the seek function can only access the station table data sets.
! The first column of this table, (ALIAS), specifies the alias name used
! by the table "locator.tbl".
! The second column of this table, (FILE TYPE), specifies whether the
! data set is a GEMPAK station table (0) or boundary info file (1).
! Note that boundary info files only contain information about the actual
! boundary files such as boundary names and pointers into the boundary 
! The third column of this table, (TABLE NAME) is the actual file name
! for the station table or boundary file.  Avaliable station tables are
! located in the directory "$GEMTBL/stns".  Available boundary info files 
! located in the directory "$GEMTBL/bounds".

Michael James

On 02/22/2011 03:33 PM, pmanousos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
How does one tell per available file in $GEMTBL/boundary which 
corresponding "name" to use in gpmap's "BND" parameter?? 

The required entry for BND seems independent of the corresponding file 
name or any tag in the .info files. 

Examples:  BND=state_bnds for $GEMTBL/statebnds.tbl  but BND=lakes for 
$GEMTBL/lakesbnds.tbl (notice you need an "_bnds" in BND when plotting 
states, but no so for lakes). 

Where is this defined? 

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