Re: [gembud] Installing GEMPAK on Fedora

Did you source the Gemenviron file?

. Gemenviron.profile

That is a dot followed by a space followed by the file name.

On 02/19/2011 02:39 PM, Nathan Parker wrote:

I'm trying to install GEMPAK on Fedora 14 (64 Bit). I have downloaded the .tar 
and untarred it, as well as installed OpenMotif.

I'm trying to run the make now. However, when I do, I receive the following 
error message:

[gempak@WxBugLIVEWorkstation ~]$ cd NAWIPS
[gempak@WxBugLIVEWorkstation NAWIPS]$ make all>&  make.out&
[1] 2792
[gempak@WxBugLIVEWorkstation NAWIPS]$ tail -f make.out
Makefile:26: /Makeinc.common: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/Makeinc.common'.  Stop

I checked my Gemenviron.profile, and it reads:
# Top level directory:

In my /home/gempak directory, there is a folder labeled GEMPAK6.2.0 with all of 
the correct files, as well as there's a sym link in there that says NAWIPS 
pointing to the GEMPAK6.2.0 file.

What do I need to do to successfully run the make? It seems everything's 
referenced correctly.


Nathan Parker

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