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To Michael Foland and Hunter Outten:

Perhaps you are doing this already, but be sure you are following this procedure to change the background from black to white for the xw, gf, gif, png drivers. As others have mentioned, you do have to be sure you don't already have any GEMPAK plotting (gplt) or device driver (xw, gf, ps, etc . . .) processes running by typing "gpend" at the command prompt.


For on-screen graphics using the /xw/ driver, and for all devices save PostScript, the default background color is *black*. Note that the background color is the /first color listed /in the GEMPAK color table (coltbl.xwp). To change this color to /white/, we avail ourselves of the very useful convention that GEMPAK uses when it opens any /table file, /such as a color table. A set of default GEMPAK tables lives in the $NAWIPS/gempak/tables directory. However, by design, GEMPAK will /first /look in the user's /current working directory/ when it needs to read from a table file. This provides an easy way for you to customize any GEMPAK table file, and changing the GEMPAK color table is one of the most common local customizations that one can do.

So in your current working directory, create a /link/ to the "white background" GEMPAK color table, whose file name is $GEMTBL/colors/coltbl.xwp_white. If you already have /coltbl.xwp/ in your current working directory, remove it. Then, link to the /coltbl.xwp_white/ file such that the local file name is /coltbl.xwp/.

ln -s $GEMTBL/colors/coltbl.xwp_white coltbl.xwp

This will ensure that the /background color, /"color 101" is white. Additionally, the order of colors 31 and 32 (the last two colors in the table) are reversed.

Remember that this custom color table will only apply when you are already cd'd into the directory that houses the custom table! If you wanted to make the white background the default for all directories, you would need to place it in the $GEMTBL/colors directory.

Hope this helps . . .


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On 02/15/2011 02:19 AM, Delmarva WX wrote:
hey for some reason gpend is not responding to commands and not opening. Every possible solution to change the NMAP background to white isnt working. even taking black out of the equation in the COLTBL.tbl any help on getting this to work?

~Hunter Clifton Outten~*
/AnalystWxCast CEO 2009-11/

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