[gembud] 20110110: ECMWF model data available in NOAAPort

Hi Jeff,


>I have, I hope a simple question. 

>Wanting to use the ECMWF model data currently in the HDS stream.
>I Googled them and went to their web site
>looking to see what grid covers North America, 
>I was un-pleasantly surprised to see they are charging
>Countries over there a fee to use the data..
>so is that the same for us ??
>Is it available to edu's and the NWS ??

A number of the ECMWF products are subject to WMO Resolution 40
restrictions.  Exactly which ones currently have this restriction I can
not say; data subject to WMO Resolution 40 restrictions has alwyas been
a moving target.

Some time ago we (Unidata Program Center) made the ECMWF data being sent
in NOAAPort available via our THREDDS servers; we were contacted by folks
(I believe in Ireland) and advised that we needed to stop making the
data available in that way (WMO Resolution 40 speaks to reintroduction
of products into the country of origin).  I don't believe that there
was any problem in using the data, but the data itself can not be
made available back to its originating country.  The good news for
educational institutions is that WMO Resolution 40 specifically allows
use for education.

More information on WMO Resolution 40 can be found on the WMO Website:



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