[gembud] GEMPAK 6.2.0 - blank local 1km base refl images

Hi again - 

We are pulling 1km 0.5 Base Refl local radar data from 
http://www.nws.noaa.gov/tg/radfiles.html that although display properly in 
5.10.4, 5.11.1 (NMAP2 or gpmap) do  display no data in 6.2.0. 

Interestingly the "blank" image DOES display the proper map background, 
image label, and color bar information.  However there is no data on the 

We feel there is a table setting we are not invoking but are unaware of 
going from 5.11.1 to 6.2.0.

We've even pointed 6.10.2 at 5.11.1 tables and still no luck.  Just to 
clarify these are not nex2gini composites (which do display properly in 
6.2.0), rather these are any local radar pulled from the site above.

If anyone has any insight on this, we'd love to hear it as we've been 
pulling our hair out most of the day testing seemingly innumerable 
adjustments in imgtyp.tbl and various lut files (even throwing Hail Mary's 
by testing changes in nidprod.tbl, and datatype.tbl).


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