[gembud] Checked the archives and didnt see anything like this about NWX.

Hi.  Checked the archives and didn't see anything on this about NWX.  In a 
nutshell 6.2.0 NWX is segfaulting upon selection of an obsite via the GUI. 

System running RHEL 5.1 on x64_86 architecture
Upgraded to 6.2.0 (went well)
Opened a terminal window, manually launched nwx (typing "nwx")
"Resource File: /internal1/peter/GEMPAK/GEMPAK6.2.0/resource/Nwx" appears 
in terminal window (followed by the NWX windows opening)
Right click on the map, select "Observed Data", then "Surface Hourlies"
Clicking any ob site (red circle) results in the immediate close of NWX 
windows and a "Segmentation Fault" message left in the terminal window (no 
other messages)
$GEMTBL/nwx/master.tbl file contains the line "SFC_HRLY sfstns.tbl 0 
$OBS/hrly hrly" (and $OBS/hrly only contains YYYYMMDD.hrly files)
$OBS/hrly files are not corrupt since the 6.2.0 version of sflist displays 
the contents just fine (and so too does NWX ver 5.11.4)
Other 6.2.0 programs like NSHARP and NMAP2 process/display data just fine 
also (NMAP2 display sfc obs as expected)
Notice NWX doesn't crash, but produces "Opening/reading 'sfsstns.tbl' 
error dialog box when I intentionally specify either a false directory or 
a false extension in the SFC_HRLY line in master.tbl

Hard to troubleshoot this one because there is no other "crash" info 
beside the seg fault message. 

Please let me know if you have any insight on this.


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