Re: [gembud] N0R and N0Q Beam Anomalies

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They are microwave radiation sources.  Because they are steady, they show up at 
all ranges in the proper direction.  Because they are uniform in intensity, the 
radar correction for transmission distance causes the estimated reflectivity to 
increase with range.
   - John

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> composite is unwelcome.  These anomalous returns are constant in time
> and the reflectivity values seem to increase linearly with range/height
> (you can check n0r and n0q for JAX and GRR in NMAP2 to see for
> yourself).  They appear less frequently in higher tilts, so perhaps
> they're a result of beam ducting?

It's been happening at GRR for a while now... It appears to me to be some
sort of interference (either radio or structural)? In any case, they've
reported it to the ROC and I haven't heard any explanation or potential
fix yet.

 - Rob

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