Re: [gembud] N0R and N0Q Beam Anomalies

I see those periodically, and have for years, in my composites. I've not had sufficient complaints to warrant any investigation, though. They look like a range anomaly in the scan sequencing, though, at first glance.


Michael James wrote:

I'm wondering if anyone has information about these radar beam artifacts?

They're present in both N0R and N0Q products, but seem to be occuring more recently. It's less of a nuisance for N0R due to low dBZ thresholding and limited range, but their presence in the N0Q national composite is unwelcome. These anomalous returns are constant in time and the reflectivity values seem to increase linearly with range/height (you can check n0r and n0q for JAX and GRR in NMAP2 to see for yourself). They appear less frequently in higher tilts, so perhaps they're a result of beam ducting?

Other thoughts?

Michael James

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