[gembud] Color Bar Values on Satellite Imager


I am working on incorporating SO2 imagery from OMI within GEMPAK-capable 
displays, and although I am able to display an image with an appropriate color 
table enhancement, I am unable to get the color bar to print any values 
corresponding to the observed value.
For example, although infrared imagery on our system will show a grayscale 
color bar with values 0-255, my color bar does not display any value.  In 
addition, I would like for it to display a value that is correctly matched to 
the color.

Any suggestions on where I should look, or files to modify so that the color 
bar will display a correctly matched value?

Thank you,
Andrew Molthan

Andrew Molthan
NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center
Marshall Space Flight Center / Earth Science Office (VP61)
(256) 961-7474

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