Re: [gembud] GEMPAK 6.2.0 Update

UNIDATA doesn't compile into RPM's

you don't remember what files you edited to "override" the SPC stuff
     That's nice to know ATTM.  Some questions before I try to download and 
      The first is will this be released an an RPM soon?
      Then, where are the templates at?  If I get this upgrade, I don't want to 
waste time replacing the SPC stuff with my own forecast center.  I'd like to 
know while file(s) to edit before I struggle with a compile.  That also goes 
for editing the categorical risk areas.  I found the table to edit in 5.11, 
but, when gemPAK goes to handle it, it complains that the extras that are added 
in are still invalid.  I want more than "Tsrm", "slight", "MDT", and "High"  I 
need a "VHGH" (for "Very High"), and "EXTR" (for "Extreme").
      Also, I want to revery the text for the WW to standard Upper/Lowercase.  
Where is that found (just for the SEL text)?

  Dan Trigona,


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