[gembud] Displaying McIDAS AREA Files in GEMPAK


I am producing some McIDAS AREA files that I would like to use with GEMPAK, but 
I am unsure of how to add entries to the image type table (imgtyp.tbl) .
I have been looking at the "arinfo" program to examine the various 
characteristics of my McIDAS AREA files, but it is unclear to me how the 
imgtyp.tbl file uses information shown in "arinfo" to make a match to 

Is there any documentation that describes how one can add their own entries to 
imgtyp.tbl, and how the information in each column of imgtyp.tbl relates to the 
characteristics of an AREA formatted file?
Have any of you tried something similar, and have advice that you can offer?

Thank you for any assistance!

Andrew Molthan
NASA Short-term Prediction Research and Transition (SPoRT) Center
Marshall Space Flight Center / Earth Science Office (VP61)
(256) 961-7474

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