[gembud] Generating WSM after removing the circles

I asked someone at the SPC how to remove the circles.. As I have found out
technically the circles show by default as required by the SPC.. However,
you can remove them by opening the VGF, clicking DEL, then List, and click
on the ww then delete them, however.. I tried just deleting some counties
and the circles, or at least the ones I wanted to kill, then do a WSM arrow,
and so forth.. and do the WSM.. however it shows a P in the WSM Save box.
Here is what I was doing:


http://mradio105fm.com/ww1008.gif Box I drew with Counties


http://mradio105fm.com/QuestionforRyan.gif Watch Status Message, which I
sent to the person, and he referred me to this list.


What to do?? When I deleted what circles I wanted too, I made the other ones
black so they wouldn't show. Even if you delete the circles and try it, you
get the same result and/or an OSM wording. What to do GEMBUDS?


Thanks guys!



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