[gembud] Fw: ingest only some of a model?


If you are using the Unidata IDD headers, you can use a pattern as simple 

NGRID    <tab>!grib2/ncep/GFS/#212/............F0[0-4][0-9]

otherwise, the WMO headers can be used as I mentioned below.


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Date:   08/31/2010 12:22 PM
Subject:        Re: [gembud] ingest only some of a model?


Its pretty easy to pipe just the 0-48 hour forecast fields using the WMO 
header in your pqact.

See the NCEP documentation here:

Use KWBC for the GFS, AWIPS grid designator "R" is the 40km 212 grid. The 
grib2 grids start with L or M
as shown in the TTAAii CCCC order for a WMO header as given in that 
appendix above.

6 hourly output would be
^L.R[A-I].. KWBC

To allow for three hour in between "M" designator times could look like



From:   Neil Smith <neils@xxxxxxxx>
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Date:   08/31/2010 12:08 PM
Subject:        [gembud] ingest only some of a model?
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Is there a way to decode only some of a model forecast period?
I'd like to get the forecast output of the gfs 40 km but just out to 
forecast hour 048. 
If that is possible, how is it done?


Neil Smith         neils@xxxxxxxx
Comp. Sys. Mngr., Atmospheric Sciences

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