[gembud] Get rid of the god forsaken circles around counties in GEMPAK

Is there any way to get rid of the god forsaken circles around the counties
in GEMPAK if ya draw up a watch box? I was playing around with it, and can't
seem to figure out how to get rid of those god forsaken circles, like in a
GEMPAK example where it shows the watch, but no circles. Here is the best
example I can find:
http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/gempak/tutorial/nmap_pgen_watch.html I
hate them circles, but can't figure it out.. haha.. Please help if you can!

Thanks fellow GemBuds!


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   1. Adding thte and mixr lines on Nsharp (James Murakami)


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Subject: [gembud] Adding thte and mixr lines on Nsharp
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Has anyone out there modified Nsharp so that the skew-t plots include 
moist adiabats and mixing ratio lines?  I've looked at the various files 
in $NAWIPS/gempak/programs/gui/nsharp(using 5.11.4), and it appears I 
need to tinker with the xwvid1.c file.  Since I have minimal programming 
experience, I was hoping someone already has done this and would be 
willing to share their modified version.


James Murakami
Staff Meteorologist/Student Affairs
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
University of California, Los Angeles
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1565

    e-mail: tenki@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
telephone: 310-825-2418
       Fax: 310-206-5219


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