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all the information is in the script I had attached
I don't use the X11 window interface, all my maps are created via bash scripts
so... got me how to enter the map projections

device   = gif|gfsprecip_${DATE[$i]}.gif|800;600
gdfile   = gfs211
\$mapfil =
proj     = lcc/20;-95;60/0;0;0;0  <<<<<<<<<<<projection info
garea    = uslcc   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<map area

Jeff, Can you please tell me how you got your GEMPAK map to orient like
that? I've been wanting that for so long. Is there something I can type in
the custom map in NMAP2. I know SPCUS will zoom it in close, but it still
doesn't look right. I looked through some archives on SPC site, and I know
they had a black map oriented exactly like that. Here is a nice example:

I'll be glad to give you credit if you can help me figure this one out.


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greetings all..
attached is my simple GFS precip/pmsl map script..
not really finding any examples to create maps from the models,
I wrote this..
Is there a better way?
Or is this the basic way I will need to do it for whatever I want out of the

here is my end result after my php scripting is done

Jeff Lake K8JSL << Watches/Warnings for your inbox!!
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