[gembud] GPMAP2/3 Hurricane Watch/Warnings?

Greetings GEMPAK Gurus:


I may have posted this to the support list originally, but realized this
evening it was probably more appropriate here.


What is the correct set of decoders and GP plotting parameters I should be
using to plot Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watch and Warning county and marine
zones with? I am digging thru all the manual pages and am not quite sure
which set of programs I need to use against the HLS bulletins (or anything
else for that matter) to get them shown in my graphics? 


If there is no way to currently plot these types of warnings, where might I
be looking to modify in the source code to perhaps enable such


Thank you for everyone's time.




Andrew J Oldaker

The SimuAwips Project - www.simuawips.com

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