Re: [gembud] GEMPAK 5.11.4 gemlib/pqact updates available

It was just pointed out to me that the first link will direct you to the april patch.

the current patch can be found at

sorry about that!


On 05/18/2010 02:25 PM, Michael James wrote:

I've provided a patch for GEMPAK 5.11.4 which improves the handling of new high-res level 3 NEXRAD products (N0Q, N0U and others). The updates provide support for higher resolution color tables (lutfils).  

The patch includes:

* fully updated gemlib/im library

* three new higher-res color tables
        1) upc_n0q256.tbl - full spectrum color table equivalent to previous 
16-color table (capped at approx. 75 dBZ)
        2) nids_n0q256.tbl - non-operational proposed next generation radar 
color table (see:  )
        3) upc_ref256.tbl - full spectrum color table extending to approx. 94 

* gempak/tables/sat/imgtype.tbl - uses upc_n0q256.tbl as default for 256-level 

* updated ldm/etc/templates/pqact.gempak_nexrad - please see May 17 message 
"impending change in IDD NEXRAD3 datastream":

        "As a by-product of the ingest code update, the NEXRAD Level III and 
        Digital Precipitation Array (DPA) products (SDUS8) are being moved
        from distribution in HDS to NEXRAD3.  If you are currently processing
        the DPA products, you will need to make a change in LDM pattern-action
        file processing.  You should implement this change_before_  15Z on
        Wednesday, May 19!"
These updates are also included in the full source available at

* save to $NAWIPS
* uncompress (tar -xvzf gempak_upc5.11.4-upd-201005.tar.gz) in $NAWIPS (this 
will overwrite imgtype.tbl,
upc_ref256.tbl and the full gemlib/im directory)

* cd $NAWIPS/gempak/source/gemlib/im/
* make all
* ar -rv $OS_LIB/gemlib.a *.o

* cd $NAWIPS/gempak/source/programs/
* make clean all install

Compilation problems and other questions should be sent 

Michael James

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