Re: [gembud] EAST 4k IR

looks like they fixed it..
the 4z images suddenly started to create

I just did a quick scan...
all EAST GOES13 products GEMPAK throws out the same error,
I tried to fix by changing all the GOES12 reference's to GOES13
but it still complains...

Subject: [gembud] EAST 4k IR

Anybody else having problems creating East IR since the switch to GOES 13 this afternoon?

I noticed they where coming up blank, so I forced a creation this is the error I see

[IM 1] No entry in the image type table, imgtyp.tbl, for file /usr/local/ldm/data/text/sats/raw/EAST-CONUS/4km/IR/IR_20100414_2115

the SUPER-NATIONAL looks ok, just the EAST IR is mussed up ...

Jeff Lake K8JSL
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