Re: [gembud] wou drawing

Thanks Chiz...
I looked at the datatype.tbl I was missing the NN in my pqact.conf

WOW do the pdf files need to be updated ..
the flags for WOU online and in the NAWIPS/doc/User_guide/pdf
are no where near each other
no wonder I was getting wierd results

no just to get rid of the filled counties ..
I got the union working .. but the darn counties are filled..
WOU     = LAST| | | | | | |no|no|yes


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  Make sure your decoder file time template matches your datatype.tbl WOU 
filename template. 

  The $NAWIPS/ldm/etc/templates/ file I provided used a 
decoder template with minutes in the file name, eg: 

  The datatype.tbl alias for WOU matched similarly: 

  WOU          $GEMDATA/storm/wou        YYYYMMDDHHNN.wou 


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  Greetings Gembuds.. 
      I admit it.. I lost.. 
  I have tried just about everything under the sun, well except the correct 
  I was hoping I could draw the Convective Watches on the US Infrared 
  I made sure my $GEMDATA is pointed correct (non-standard LDM data install) 
  I'm not seeing any error's.. just not seeing the watch outline.. 
  LDM pqact.conf 
  DDPLUS  ^.*/pWOU
         PIPE    decoders/dc/dcwou
         -e GEMTBL=/usr/local/lib/gempak/GEMPAK5.11.4/gempak/tables
         -d data/text/gempak/logs/dcwou.log
  Thats working.. I'm seeing the 2010031118.wou 
  but the below sure ain't ..... 
  . $NAWIPS/Gemenviron.profile 
  cd $GOESWWW/ir/800x600 

  gpmap <<EOF
  MAP      = 32
  TITLE    = 1/-2/
  DEVICE   = gif|irb_sat.gif|805;650|c
  SATFIL   = $GOES8/8km/IR/$1
  RADFIL   =
  PROJ     = sat
  GAREA    = afus
  CLEAR    = y
  PANEL    = 0
  TEXT     = 1.2/23/1/hw
  LATLON   = 0
  \$mapfil = hipowo.gsf
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