[gembud] Incorrect station plot Loc

Hey Gembuds-

I'm attempting what should be an easy fix...  

CZMT and CYMT are listed as the exact same location in sfmetar_sa.tbl and 
CYMT is in central Quebec and CZMT is in British Columbia.  So, I updated both 
of the following tables as follows to correct the problem: 

stns/sfmetar_sa.tbl:ZMT       99999 CHIBOUGAMAU                      QB CN  
5403 -13213   387
stns/sfworld.tbl:ZMT       99999 CHIBOUGAMAU                      QB CN  5403 
-13213   387

(Did a grep search to find all instances of ZMT in my tables -- these were the 
only two)  However, CZMT still appears on top of CYMT in my station plots!   
Does anyone know what else I might be missing?  

Thanks in advance, 

 -phil birnie
Ohio State University, Department of Geography

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