Re: [gembud] GEMPAK 5.11.4 Updates Released

Greetings Michael:

Pardon my ignorance in asking this question, but I am running a fresh compile 
of 5.11.4 on CentOS 5.4 32 bit. I am able to successfully compile and have a 
fully working set of binaries and am plotting the new P94 NIDS products.

I am interested in using the new products, which as I understand contain 256 
levels. My question is, does this mean we can apply a 128 or 256 color table 
against them and expect to see these colors vs. just 16 using the current 
patches for these products? I am running the below .csh script for testing but 
still only get 16 levels of reflectivity.


# Set radar
set radar = "mux";


# Make the radar data

gpmap_gif << EOFRAD

MAP = 1=55:55:55/10/1 + 2=120:120:120/1/1
\$MAPFIL = county + base
GAREA    = ${radar}+
RADFIL   = sn.last
TITLE    = ""
LUT      = upc_ref256.tbl
PROJ     = RAD//NM
IMCBAR   = 1
DEVICE   = gif|/products/test.gif|1280;1280





Thank you for your time and I appreciate any guidance you can provide.


Andrew J Oldaker
The Simuawips Project -<>

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Subject: [gembud] GEMPAK 5.11.4 Updates Released

GEMPAK users,

I have released an updated source distribution of GEMPAK 5.11.4 which can be 
downloaded from

These updates include bug fixes to grid diagnostic routines (the "[DG -7] input 
grid cannot be found" error seen in GDLIST, GDDIAG, NMAP2, etc. on some 
systems), as well as capability to handle the new high resolution level 3 NIDS 
files currently available for FDR, TLX and VNX.

As always, please feel free to send bug reports, build issues and other 
questions to 


Michael James
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