Re: [gembud] Where art thou METAR site metadata?

Probably should have added this page

has the key for the data

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Well howdy folks,

Anybody wish to purchase some snow? I have a bunch for sale here in Iowa. Oops, that was not the purpose of my email. A number of moons ago, I spammed this list attempting to find metadata on which time zone a METAR site was in, so to make sense of the DSM timestamps [1]. I struck out! Undaunted, I am back again wondering where in the world can I figure out where in the world some of these METAR sites are located.

My current favorite lookups to find metadata are:

But alas, none of those sites have information on where a site like KBAN

SAXX60 KWBC 161800
KBAN 161756Z AUTO 00000KT 10SM FEW085 M02/M07 A3021 RMK AO2 SLP244^M^M
     T10221067 11022 21089 50003 TSNO=^M^M

Ah yes, the Gladstone Family site knows about this one. Whew, but there are others! Like all these fancy pants military sites with KQ** IDs, where can I get my greedy hands on metadata for those sites?

How can any of you sleep at night knowing that some data might be slipping through our wonderful LDM feeds unprocessed?



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