Re: [gembud] making linking easier

Thanks, Michael and Chiz.

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Subject: making linking easier
As Michael pointed out to me last night, the crnids.c routine I provided 
has a call:

packet_code_8 ( lptr, 0 );

on line 180. The forces the need to add the gplt libraries to your driver 
Makefiles, which is more than
is really needed at this point, and creates an incompatibility with the 
other releases.

Just comment out that line (line 180 of the 
$GEMPAK/source/driver/active/gn/crnids.c routine. That will save you from 
editing all the driver Makefiles.

The issue here is that these products support multiple layers in the 
product symbology block, which can add annotations
to the image. At the moment, all that is present is status and 
configuration tables so you get information about the radar
configuration spit out as text, so its not a major need to add that call.


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