[gembud] How to Install gribdump from GEMPAK5.11.4

Does anyone know how to install gribdump?

[nawips@hcpldml02 ldmbridge]$ cd gribtonc_src/
[nawips@hcpldml02 gribtonc_src]$ ls
centers.c  gbds.c    gdes.c.new  get_prod.c.old  gribdump.c   inetutil.c     
mkdirs_open.h  ncfloat.h  params.h        timeunits.c
centers.h  gbds.h    gdes.c.old  get_prod.h      gribtonc.1   inetutil.h     
models.c       nc.h       product_data.c  timeunits.h
depend     gbytem.c  gdes.h      grib1.c         gribtonc.c   levels.c       
models.h       nuwg.c     product_data.h  units.c
emalloc.c  gbytem.h  gds.h       grib1.h         gribtypes.c  levels.h       
nc.c           nuwg.h     quasi.c         units.h
emalloc.h  gdes.c    get_prod.c  gribdump.1      gribtypes.h  mkdirs_open.c  
ncfloat.c      params.c   quasi.h

I see the files, but no configure or Makefile is located in this directory.


Andrew Little
Weather Systems Analyst

Universal Weather & Aviation
8787 Tallyho
Houston, TX 77061



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