Re: [gembud] HPC nmap2 backgrounds?

Hi Neil,

I believe the topographic background comes from an image file in AREA format which can be dumped by using, e.g., gpmap with SATFIL set to the AREA file and PROJ=SAT. Then, you can rerun gpmap, this time adding a satellite image as an overlay. You will thus have the desired "HPC-like" background.

Scott Jacobs sent me the area files and the imgtyp.tbl file that defines these images so GEMPAK can display them. I will need to dig around to find them; I will post them to the list unless Scott beats me to it.

Offhand I don't know how to put in your own logo as opposed to the NOAA/NWS ones.



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On 02/03/2010 11:37 PM, Neil Smith wrote:
We hear tell HPC uses nmap2 to generate their maps for web presentation.

(eg. )

We really like 2 features of their web maps: the 'Terrain/Satellite' background and the logo placement feature.

But we don't see the background available in GEMPAK5.11.4 nmap2. And the logo's offered by nmap2 are the NWS and NOAA logo's. We'd like to place our own logo. Is that customizable?

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