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We just went through all this - tried initially with Ubuntu 9.10 (debian based) and ran into very persistent, odd compile errors even after installing very library package we could see. The compile would mostly work - sflist, gdinfo etc would work okay - but routines like gdplt2 would run, draw a base map, then not find the data layer in the gridded file to contour, even though gdinfo had just seen it. And the grid file was okay because I have another machine beside me with a working GEMPAK that I tested it on. It seemed to "loose track" of libxml2 libraries part-way through the build. There is probably an enviromental pointer that is not set properly etc. Anyhow, after a lot of fooling around went over to CentOS 5, put in the 5.11.1 binaries, installed a missing libgfortran library set (missing specifically but just installed the entire lib set), and it worked ok. So - I would recommend CentOS 5 with a GEMPAK 5.11.1 binary set.
David A.

??? wrote:
HI, all:
I'm attempting to install GEMPAK in my PC. There are many linux distributions, such as Redhat, SUSE, CentOS....
Which is good for GEMPAK?

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