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I have GEMPAK 5.11.4 and I am unable to view any model data/radar/soundings
etc in NMAP and even NTRANS, etc. I am not sure how to get this working.
I've had this on CentOS for a while, but I have not been able to get the
models to come in or anything. I am a newbie at linux, and used an RPM file
to install GEMPAK. What can I do?


Also, how do I get the circles around counties included in a watch box? I
try to clear counties, and the circles do not include... And is there a way
to edit in the script file to change Storm Prediction Center to something
else? Me and a friend of mine wanted to know if that was possible.

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   1. Re: Errors in 5.11.4 compile under Ubuntu/Debian i686
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Hi Dave,

Can you send me a sample GEMPAK grid file that you've experienced problems.
I have GEMPAK installed on an Ubuntu 32-bit server at home (9.10 Karmic) and
will try to replicate your error. 

I want to try the following:

1) Test a sample grid file you provide to try and replicate your error on an
Ubuntu 32-bit server and Cent-OS Server
2) Compare *.out files to see if there are any differences.  From what I
remember I had little if any error messages in the *.out files.

I've run into the error you're experiencing "grid cannot be found" when
using GDDIAG on a CentOS 32-bit server.  It was very odd that GDINFO would
see the grid, but GDDIAG didn?t.  The main problem with that GEMPAK
installation was that it compiled with gfortran instead of g77.  After
reinstalling GEMPAK with g77, that problem was resolved.  

Reinstalling with g77 took several attempts because of an oversight on my
end.  The GEMPAK user account set GEMPAK environmental variables each time I
logged in (Gemenviron in a previous GEMPAK build).  One of the environmental
variables was "USE_GFORTRAN=1".  So even though the newer GEMPAK build
Gemenviron had "USE_G77=1", GFORTRAN was actually used to install GEMPAK.
After 3 or 4 tries I finally realized what was going on and got it installed


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Subject: [gembud] Errors in 5.11.4 compile under Ubuntu/Debian i686

In trying to compile Gempak 5.11.4 under Ubuntu the compile completes with a
few errors and installs okay. Programs like SFLIST work fine. 
GDINFO works fine to read a gem grid. However the plotters do not find the
required variables, even after verifying their presence with GDINFO. 
They will start a GPLT process and generate a window, but no variable is
plotted. GDPLOT will even produce a political basemap, but again no variable
is found or plotted. The error issued predictably is

[DG -7]  Input grid TMPK ^1001180000F006 @500 %PRES cannot be found.

gfortran was used (g77 is unavailable now for later releases of Ubuntu -
this version is 9.10 Karmic)

The errors in make.out fall into three categories:

First type:
/usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51: error: call to '__open_missing_mode' 
declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT in second argument needs 3

Second type:
xmltransform.c:10:26: error: libxslt/xslt.h: No such file or directory
** various missing libraries like this **

Third type:
Warnings that looked problematic, dealing with a need for "End expression in
Do loop at (1) must be integer"

So - I rather suspect that libraries are missing or aren't properly up to
date (eg the first error type). The Ubuntu version 9.10 was released late
fall 2009, so it is pretty new.

I followed the installation info and installed motif (and not lesstif) and
the other development libraries, to the extent I recognized them. 
Clearly something is yet missing.

Here are the packages I installed under Ubuntu/debian:
 > libmotif-dev (these include various dependencies such as libmotif3)  >
libxp-dev  > libxt-dev  > libpng12-dev

I have attached the make.out, install.out and clean.out files, along with
output from GDINFO and a screenshot of the GDCNTR failure.

Thanks for any help
Dave Atkinson.

David E. Atkinson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences International Arctic Research
Center 930 Koyukuk Drive P.O. Box 757335 University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks   AK  99775-7335

tel: +1.907.474.1126
fax: +1.907.474.2643
email: datkinson @


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