[gembud] GDRADR Segmentation fault

Dear GEMPAK Users,

I'm attempting to create a radar mosaic/composite on my WRF model forecast 
domain, and I have not yet been successful with this undertaking.  At first, I 
considered using nex2img or nex2gini to take Level III radar products from NCDC 
and mosaic them.  However, I would like to be able to create a multi-panel 
display of forecast reflectivitiy and observed reflectivity in a single GIF 

So, I switched to GDRADR, which looks to be the program I want to use.  So far, 
I have 2 radar sites and it appears that I have set up all the environmental 
variables correctly.  I have the archived base reflectivity data with the 
following naming convention:  $RAD/NIDS/%SID%/%PROD%/%PROD%_YYYYMMDD_HHMM

where %SID% is the station ID of the radar site, and %PROD% is the product 
name, in my case "N0R".

When I try to run GDRADR, I consistently receive a Segmentation fault.  I've 
tried both setting up the grid parameters and setting a CPYFIL -- both the same 
result.   Does anyone have a recommendation for me?

My parameter settings are given below.

Many thanks,

lc2:/raid1/casejl/DATA/RADAR > gdradr
 GRDAREA   Area covered by grid              39.62;-91.83;49.57;-72.50
 PROJ      Map projection/angles/margins|dr  lcc//6;1;1;2
 KXKY      Number of grid points in x;y      380;280
 GDPFUN    Scalar grid or vector grid funct  N0R
 GDFILE    Grid file                         rad.gem
 RADTIM    Radar composite current/dattim    091209/1205
 RADDUR    Radar time window (minutes prior  10
 RADFRQ    Update Frequency
 CPYFIL    Grid file whose navigation is to
 STNFIL    Station information file          nexrad.tbl
 MAXGRD    Maximum number of grids           9999
 RADMODE   Radar operational mode            pc
 NDVAL     Replacement value for "ND" (defa
Segmentation fault

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