Re: [gembud] [GEMPAK #YUD-318283]: help

I'll take the steps to have GEMPAK output png..
I'm sure now my gif to png final is loosing some detail

Jeff Lake K8JSL

  Jeff, Gerry, Michael et al, 

  I provided a PNG device driver with the GEMPAK distribution, being built 

  This is using the "gf" driver imaging, so "png" does require the X display as 
does the gf driver. 

  In the interim since, made the gd library available (which is the 
key component of the "gif" driver 
  that runs without an X display) with necessary updates to support png (and 
jpg) so I can send you the steps needed to make a png driver 
  that is X independent. Download the GD library from 


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  so true..
  I was using the images from the GOES server, which is in TIFF,
  the using ImageMagick to combine the overlay's and convert to jpg and png

  be nice if GEMPAK had png or jpg support ..... hint hint....


  IIRC, a little script-foo with ImageMagick's convert should do the trick
  'til the TIFF driver is back in action.

  Jeff Lake - Admin wrote:
  > yes, gif will work for the time being.
  > is there a way to get GEMPAK to create the image in the entire area>
  > ie with no black on the edges??
  > -Jeff
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  > Hi Jeff,
  > Been playing around with this one as well and can't completely figure it
  > out.  The TIFF driver is not working correctly at the moment, a fix may
  > require some further code digging.  Will using the GIF or PS output device
  > for the moment meet your needs?
  > Michael James
  > Unidata User Support
  >> after fighting for the last week, I finally have GEMPAK running with no
  >> errors..
  >> question.. unless I missed it, where does one set the gpmap output
  >> directory?
  >> All I need GEMPAK to do in convert the GINI satellite images in the 
  >> feed set
  >> here is how I am testing this before I set up automation for LDM
  >> GEMPAK-GPMAP>proj = mer
  >> GEMPAK-GPMAP>satfil =
  >> /usr/local/ldm/data/text/sats/raw/SUPER-NATIONAL/8km/IR/IR_20091211_0215
  >> GEMPAK-GPMAP>device = tiff|test.tiff|1000;1000|c
  >> Creating process: tiff for queue 98307
  >> [GEMPLT -72]  NOPROD - No matching product in table
  >> but the error has me bugged as well.....
  >> Jeff Lake K8JSL
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