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1) Where does one set the gpmap output?
        DEVICE = tiff | /path/to/file/filename.tiff | 1000;1000 | C

        If you only have "DEVICE = tiff | filename.tiff | 1000;1000 | C
        The TIF image will be dumped into your current working directory.

I'm not sure on the second error, but maybe if you print out all of the
commands your running in GPMAP someone may know a solution.  Commands can be
printing out by typing "l", enter.


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after fighting for the last week, I finally have GEMPAK running

question.. unless I missed it, where does one set the gpmap output
All I need GEMPAK to do is convert the GINI satellite images in the NIMAGE 
feed set

here is how I am testing this before I set up automation for LDM

 GEMPAK-GPMAP>proj = mer
 GEMPAK-GPMAP>satfil =
 GEMPAK-GPMAP>device = tiff|test.tiff|1000;1000|c
Creating process: tiff for queue 98307
 [GEMPLT -72]  NOPROD - No matching product in table

but the error has me bugged as well.....

Jeff Lake K8JSL

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