Re: [gembud] Accumulated Snowfall question

Evan and Chris,

Thanks for the responses,

I checked our conversion script and we are using dcgrib2 to make the gempak files. Strangely I ran the GDINFO and the SWEM data appears to be there now. We recently upgraded the WRF, so maybe the problem was fixed in the upgrade. I know the SWEM data was not there when I attempted to make some snow graphics a month ago, so the problem may have resolved itself. I'll give it another try the next few days and see if I can get things to work.

Thanks again!

Jeremy Martin

Evan Lowery wrote:
Hi Jeremy,

When running GDINFO, do you have similar settings:

 GDFILE   = gfs_file.grd
 GDATTIM  = all
 GLEVEL   = all
 GVCORD   = all
 GFUNC    = all

Sometimes if you only limit to a certain level/cord/func you may be missing
the variables you're looking for.  In GFS files, categorical snow [0,1] is
"WXTS" and surface accumulated snowfall [kg/m^2] is "SWEM".  I imagine they
are similar in WRF grid files.

  255     090924/0000F006                          0         NONE SWEM
  262     090924/0000F006                          0         NONE WXTS06

Evan Lowery

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We are running a EMS WRF here at the Goodland WFO and I have been trying to
plot accumulated snowfall for some of our GEMPAK derived web graphics. We
are gonfigured to output this field in GRIB format, and looking at the data
in IDV confirms that this field is being created. When I run a GDINFO on the
gempak grid there is no snowfall data listed. I am fairly new to using
GEMPAK, Is there something I have to configure so this data is converted
into GEMPAK format?


Jeremy Martin
WFO Goodland KS

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