Re: [gembud] [Support #QXA-982682]: Segfaults with oabsnd

On 8/26/09 9:36 AM, "Steven.Chiswell@xxxxxxxxxxxx"
<Steven.Chiswell@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Attached is the oabsnd.f file I patched in 5.11.1 which you might want to
> check out. 
The patched file that chiz sent fixed the segfault problems.  Now it has
errors when writing the grid:

[GD -4]  File not open.
[DG -65]  Grid write failed in DG_NWDT.
[GD -4]  File not open.
[DG -65]  Grid write failed in DG_NWDT.
[OA -1]  Grid file hbobsnd.grd could not be processed.

The only things I could find in a Google search were the source code for the
DG_NWDT subroutine and a 2002 ticket for gdstat.  Any suggestions?


Ben Cotton
Unix Systems Administrator
Department of Earth and
  Atmospheric Sciences
Purdue University

CIVL 4212
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C: 765-404-7986

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