[gembud] Model update and NWX

Previously I could not plot model data in NMAP.  I could, however, run
gdplot2 using the same model data and restore file.  That was with ".gem"
file from IASTATE.  I downloaded other files form NCEP which area individual
for each model hour, and some of them work.  It's very strange, the F000
hour will be blank, then the next several will load fine, then the last hour
(48) is blank as well!  So I have those strange errors saying " The file
access number is stale or invalid"...then, the same errors as before:
"Input grid PMSL ^090815/0600F000@0 %NONE in SM9S cannot be found".  This is
the same error I got for each model hour when they didn't load.

Now, I can't display surface obs in NWX.  When click on a surface ob, it
first says "no data from STN within the last hour", then if I click again,
it says "Error opening/reading 'sfstns.tbl'.  I checked all the tables, and
they are pointing to the surface ob file.  ugh.  I even went through all my
gempak dirs and made sure permissions are 755.

Seems like I had the NWX problem a few years ago...but I can't remember what
I did to fix it.
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